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Moondance by fiorei

Okay, I know you love critiques so I'll try writing one :D
I really love this piece of yours Mari, it has such a mystical atmosphere, and I can see Candy dancing like this. (I bet Leo is spying somewhere like the creep he is xD) *cough* sorry for that xD

Vision -As I said, it's a beautiful drawing, I love Candy as well as the background, which is magnificently drawn. I especially love how you drew those trees and the water is very realistic :3

Originality -Speaks for itself, I guess xD It's first time I see a dak matter fairy dancing on water :D

Technique -This is where I get a little critical. I'd personally like to see some more contrast in the shading, because the water beneath Candy is the only light source, it would give very lit up areas and smaller, very dark shadows. And the blue light would probably also be reflected in hair, skin and fabric, but otherwise I think it's great :D

Impact -The atmosphere is amazing, I already said that, but a little more dramatic lightning (see 'technique') would do it well :D

-I hope I wasn't too harsh, you know I love it Sama :heart:
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fiorei Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually I did wan't to add a small figure of Leo there! But I guess next time? XD

Well I have to admit it the water is a couple of textures that I deformed and merged toegether xD

Actually the water isn't the only water source..she's on an open area at night,I think there will be probably moonlight light on her also,no? The art is called "Moondance" for a reason!! XD
But I take note of that next time! x)

Thanks you really much for the critique! <3 :hug:
Star-Reacher Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Hahah, but it looks awesome though :D

I know, but it's the strongest source, meaning the shadows would be more sharp, I think xD Whatever, I was just saying what I was feeling ;)

You are welcome, I hope it wasn't harsh :hug:
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